Spirits, UFO, or Projector Lights In Meknes, Morocco Sky?

Spirits, UFO, or Projector Lights In Meknes, Morocco Sky?

There is a video recently dropped on Facebook which made its rounds to YouTube with mysterious lights zooming the skies of Menkes, Morroco. It appears to be a cell phone recording of ghost-like lights flying around each other and then suddenly all of them whisk away with great haste. The question is what are they actually?  There appear to be many theories based on the comment thread. 



Some claim it is a projector stationed on the ground based on the pattern the lights follow. Is this possible? I believe so but that theory is not conclusive. The next theory is UFO and like many light orbs in the sky, there is rarely an expanding narrative on the origin. I would like to submit the plausibility of spiritual beings making themselves known. 

I found it interesting that one of the commenters who speak the Moroccan dialect said the voice in the video was saying, “The people are freaking out and saying please god save us!” You would think the people in the video would have investigated the ground below to look for a projector, right? I also am accustomed to seeing the beam of light emanating into the sky which I do not see in the video. What say you?

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Michael Erevna

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