The Hidden Past of Fallen Angels

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Friday I was an assistant basketball for my 9 year old son’s team.  I told a parent of one of the boys I was working on a site to include fallen angels and he gave me “the final jeopardy ” stare.  It dawned on me at that moment fallen angel lore is not ubiquitous.  The Fallen Ones are intertwined with human history and detailed in many if not all of ancient civilizations.  Why so much secrecy or better yet censorship on this subject matter.  The Book of Enoch was removed from the Bible yet the Bible makes reference to Enoch.  The educational system omits any mention of fallen angels or at least it did in my day.  It seems one must scour the internet in order to glean any understanding of fallen angels.

The Hopi Indian carry the oral history of “Star People” who came to Earth and brought many gifts, trials, and tribulations (mostly because there was always fighting amongst them) to the tribe.  They say in the last days a blue star called “Kachina” will appear in the sky to mark the return of the “Star People”.  This sounds very similar to the blue star in the Book of Revelation which appears marking the return of Jesus Christ; but, I digress.

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