2012 Predictions for the World

2012 Predictions for the World

Many people make predictions every year. Some of them are on the money but most of them are duds. We here at Revelation Now have decided to take a shot at the predictions for the year. If we are wrong then we will take our lumps. We feel we can do no worse than a psychic or the web bot. With that being said, let’s jump right in!

10.)  Obama will be re-elected by a very slim margin of 1.3 %. The “Tea Party” followers will be incensed and take matters into their own hands. There will be several attempts on Obama’s life and none will be successful. Obama will publicly chastise this behavior and tell the world we must transcend this in order to be great again.

9.)  The economy will continue to sputter. The job market especially in finance will continue to decline. Unemployment will increase with the next wave of banking layoffs and the lower middle class will join the ranks of the lower class. The global economy will continue to bleed and a global currency instrument will gain momentum as the ONLY solution.

8.)  Mega quakes will appear in diverse places. The Ring of Fire will receive the worst of it. You will see more of these mega quakes in heavily populated areas. Los Angeles and New York City will be impacted as well but not directly in the cities. New York will be more of a tsunami. We look for the quakes to be in 10+ seismic range. The Government will have relocation centers set up and this will not be as sinister as previously thought.

7.)  Social protest will increase with the dissatisfaction of the people. The US and Russia will be inundated with multiple protest and this time many will turn tragic. As a result change will come quickly.

6.) Super floods will affect many rural areas. Record floods in places will happen as if it is “flood season”. The Government will bail out these places further increasing the national debt.

5.)  Food prices will sky-rocket as a result of the floods and many cash crops will be lost. Food will be exported to America increasing the price 2 fold. This is will be known as the disaster year for farming. Wheat futures will be very profitable to those with the foresight to buy.

4.)  Electrical storms will be more frequent and there will be mass power outages across the world.

3.)  Solar storms will bombard the Earth and cause many problems with satellites. Some of them will fall out of their position and hit the Earth. Cell phone service will be disrupted regularly and it will take days to resolve. “Can you hear me now?”

2.)  War in Iran – This has been brewing for some time now and Israel will bomb facilities in March of 2012. Iran will be respond with a missile barrage and full-blown war will escalate. Russia and China will pump military supplies to Iran infuriating the US.

1.)  December 21, 2012 – It will be relatively quiet on this day, but after,  a new movement will sweep across the Earth, causing people to embrace a new Spiritual insight. People will begin to transcend the material view of the world and quite possibly gain a 7th sense! Seeing the Universe in this new way will end all differences and we will realize we are “one” race.


* Disclaimer – We are not nor do we claim to be psychics, prophets, time-travelers, web-bots, aliens or wizards. We are not responsible for the validity or falsehoods of these predictions. These predictions are based on intuition and trends only. Please do not harm yourself or anyone else. As my 5 year said, “This world is good! And better with ice cream!”

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