Fossil Giants: Ancient Men Over 7 ft. Tall

Long ago in the ancient past, real giants once roamed the African plains, Indonesian jungles, and hills of France. Men grew upwards of 7, 8,…

flying people

Flying People Seen in New York City

Normally the average New Yorker has seen it all.  As long as the Cloverfield monster does not disrupt your commute or destroy your “street meat”,…


Giant Evidence is REAL!

I am happy to announce we have a new writer coming to Revelation Now!  He is an independent researcher with a passion for ancient and…


Angels Captured On Video?

When I was 11 years old my grandmother lost her battle against cancer. We lived in Fort Benning, Georgia, when my family received the news….


DNA Activation 2012?

Did you know quantum physicist, have concluded time and space, are an illusion of perception?  Meaning the reality we perceive is a “curtain”,  and what…


The Diabetes High Blood Pressure Defense?

I do not want to get into which country has the fattest people. All in all, there is a fat epidemic spreading the Earth,  faster…


Divine Consciousness in Everything?

What if I told you there is a Divine Consciousness in everything?  You would probably say prove it and I am ok with that! Of…


The Sun and 2012

I have to admit most people are not really interested in facts about the Sun. All we really care about is that it rises and…


Biblical Trumpet Sounds on Earth?

This is by far the must puzzling sound I have ever encountered.  Again, 2012 is conspicuously displaying bizarre unprecedented events.  The latest phenomenons are “trumpet”…


2012 UFO Sightings UP!!!

Twenty-Twelve, is off to a roaring start with UFOs.  These most recent sightings are very similar and the video quality is not that bad.  My…


Jesus Will Return Soon?

Will Jesus return soon?  This is the question many people are asking these days.  According to one YouTube producer the time is closer than you…


Racist Rant: Voice of Many?

Emma West, the woman charged with racially-aggravated public order offense after a video showing a ‘racist’ tram rant went viral, has been granted bail in…


Crop Circles for DUMMIES

I do not mean to be offensive with the title of this post! Many people are totally in the dark with the crop circle phenomenon….


23 Hours in Heaven & Hell

Below you will find the video, circling the web regarding an Ecuadorian girl’s experience in Heaven and Hell.  She was shown both places and now…


Super Size Me! Reloaded

If you missed this documentary please watch this. It will not only save your life but you can also share it with friends and family….


Giant Foot Print 200 Million Years Old

Angels were created before mankind and we do not know when. Many Holy Books and legends clearly defined the Earth and Space of having 2…


Future Police Robot

What you are about to see would be mind blowing if it was real. It is 3D production by Terta Vaal and a damn good…


Hotel Blood Bath for Lady Gaga

“Believe nothing what you hear and only half of what you see”, is the perfect quote to start this article.  Lady Gaga has been a…

Dead Birds-Louisiana

Dead Birds Will Fall in the Last Days?

You are hearing a lot of chatter on the media horn these days regarding dead birds falling from the sky. I am sure many Blogs,…