2012 UFO Sightings UP!!!

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Twenty-Twelve, is off to a roaring start with UFOs.  These most recent sightings are very similar and the video quality is not that bad.  My theory is these UFO will land this year! Why you ask? Because I believe there is something very special about 2012. Many cultures share into this theory as well.

The United Kingdom is the new hot bed of UFO sighting so far in 2012. Most of them look like glowing orbs of white and orange light. I know I am dating myself, but they remind me of an episode of the Brady Bunch, when Greg fools his brothers with a flashlight, a clear plastic sheet tied to tree, and a whistle.


I am just saying! I do not want to put it past anyone or any Government. Can you imagine the laughter behind the scenes if this is true! But let’s say this is not an elaborate hoax and the UK and the Italy sightings are real.  Then the question begs: Who are they? Let’s take a look at the UK footage.

Now the Italy footage is taken at twilight and much better quality. It was filmed in the forest of Siniscola. There are two objects in the video and they give off an orange glow. They move in tandem and are definitely intelligently controlled. The audio in this video is in Italian so focus on the emotion of the language.

Finally, this last video addresses the volume of UFO sightings are up in January 2012.  Why the big increase in sightings? Why is the UFO theme becoming a staple on the news stations? As you can see this creates more questions than answers. What do YOU think?

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  • stuart

    Hi there , I stay in Johannesburg South Africa and on the 4 Feb 2012 we were outside at about 8pm having a BBQ at a friends house when we saw two large objects in the sky. They were both glowing a strong orange and were flying one behind the other, at the same speed and kept a perfect distance from one another the whole time. the speed was amazing. they were flying below the cloud cover not as high as an airaplane and not as low as a hellicopter. My friend is a pilot and he was just as gob smacked as the rest of us and could not explain it. It was amazing!! 100% UFO

    • Michael Erevna

      Hi Stuart,

      I know this was so exciting seeing these! To have so many witnesses including a pilot validates the whole experience. These UFO are showing themselves more in 2012 than any other time. I believe soon they will land. I had a friend of mine see an orange glowing sphere in Northern Virginia back in 1993. He said it was low in the sky like yours. Thanks for commenting! Come back soon! Welcome…

  • tannerw

    hi, im from canada, and just about 3 weeks ago i saw what i know was a ufo, me n my buddy were going outside to smoke some pot (canada lol) and befor we could start we decided to take a walk down the road. my bud was in some deep conversation i don’t remember what it was about but then i looked behind him and i saw what looked like a boomerang, it had two round lights, and one blue light that was also orange at times, in the middle of these two other lights. it wasn’t perfectly in the middle tho, it was, well the shape of a boomerang. i watched it fly smoothly across the whole sky, i jump up and down and waved my arms at it, and my friend josh screamed at me to stop.and i know im not wrong because this shit was so close we could see it. my bud explained it as triangular. it made a light humming noise, like a jet in the far distance, but for how close to us it was it was remarkably quiet for the size. to explain the size of it and how close it was, use both hands to make a triangle (like jay z’s symbol) and put ur hands as high as u can above ur head. that’s how big it was. idk what to due about it. people think im lying but i swear ON MY LIFE im not.

  • tannerw

    oh and it was at 1130 at night