R11:E1 and Her Name is Zoe!

R11:E1 and Her Name is Zoe!

You had me at R2D2 and this real world Astromech Droid from the Star Wars movies is off the chain.  Clearly, whatever man can imagine, can become a reality with enough machine parts and the genius mind of a fabricator.  Do not be surprised if you see Iron Man flying around the skies one day in the near future. The folks at podpadstudios.com have created a real droid with specs to make the geek in you drool at the mouth.

They take great pride in the fabrication of the robots and each generation is designed better intuitively to the delight of the observer.  This is the third generation of the R2D2 classification build and they named her “Zoe”  after a character in the movie “Caprica”, who had the unfortunate distinction of being murdered and having her personality inserted into a robot.  We can see why in the future every home will want one of these.  Especially if they provide security, cut the grass, mop the floor, and do our taxes!

Let’s take a look at her specifications:

  • Router and IP webcam which streams live video
  • Powered by three 25Amp 12v SLA batteries
  • Two running the 24v drive system and the thrid running the 12v electrics
  • Sound systems
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Utility arms and claws (all operational)
  • 140db siren (crazy loud)
  • Holo eyes
  • Persiscope
  • Full smoke machine ported through exhaust
  • LED and plasma lighting
  • Light reactive paint, and
  • Onboard DLP projector (“Help me Obi Won Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”)

These are her current evolving hardware specifications:

  • Two Dimension Engineering Sabretooth electronic speed controllers
  • Radio system is a Spektrum DX8 running 8 channels
  • 24 channels are used via RF switches for LED control and on-board sound, totaling 32 channels of control.

As you can see this is a serious robot and as of now it is not for sale!  I know that stinks! The whole fabrication process will one day be perfected and hopefully mass production is right around the corner. I will be one of the first buyers.  I just hope I do not have to take out a loan!

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