Satan, Superman and Super Heroes

Satan, Superman and Super Heroes

I write this article with a great degree of hesitation because while growing up, comic books were my “wooby.” For those of you who do not know, a “wooby” (click here to learn more) is a security blanket. Comic books were to me what “50 Shades of Grey” is to the throngs of horny readers of today.  I can not say enough about the value of comic books in my life. I even learned the definition of “behemoth” at six years of age by reading Thor who fought the Hulk.  What I am about to write is by no means an attack on the virtues of comic books, but an insight into their possible hidden psychology.

This weekend I watched a video which made me think: Why are we always being saved by people with mutated DNA or aliens? What is the point of this long-term conditioning?  We have very slowly as a culture, been introduced to accepting an alien “fell” to Earth as Clark Kent and later emerges as “Superman”, as the savior of the planet. Does this sound familiar from a Biblical perspective?  Who else “fell” to Earth and has supernatural powers over the people of Earth?  Do you see the parallel?  However, in the comic books Superman is a hero while in the Bible Satan is the ultimate villain.

We have been heavily conditioned with comic books and now the cinematic adaptions therein, that all of this is possible.  From my wife’s perspective there is not much I can do to surprise her.  If I was to move an object in front of her, using only my mind, she would say,  “That is nice.  Have you taken out the trash? Tomorrow is trash day.”  This is exactly where our conditioning has taken us today.  We will not be amazed with extraordinary (aka: supernatural),  in fact we expect to see it one day! Operation propaganda complete?

Hollywood is always taking books and turning them into blockbuster movies; yet,  they have access to the Bible with a plethora of amazing ancient stories and they are not brought to life. The screen plays based on the Bible coupled with current animation and technology would trump the “Titanic” and “Avengers” combined; yet, they do not promote the Divine Consciousness.  Why is there a concerted effort by the Hollywood cabal not produce Biblical screen plays?  The last man who did was subsequently persecuted by the media…Mel Gibson. Even Lindsay Lohan ignores him. 

The film was a major commercial hit, grossing in excess of $600 million during its theatrical release, becoming the highest grossing R-rated film of all time.

The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson

These Hollywood movie studios are in the business of making money but refuse to cater to 2.18 billion Christians today.  They have a track record of the “Passion of the Christ” which grossed over $600 million dollars without the aid of a major studio.  Can you imagine if the Hollywood machine had been behind this movie?  You are easily talking over 2 billion in global revenue. 

Satan vs Superman Story Parallels

Story line



Falls to Earth

Alien DNA

Prince of the Air

Super human abilities

Never acknowledges God

Leader of other super human beings

Has ONE major weakness that can kill him

Comes to save the Earth

From a mysterious unknown world

Is considered a god

You will also notice the “copy cat” trend in Hollywood.  Once a genre defines itself as a blockbuster in Hollywood, the next wave of similar movies hit the silver screen.  Do you know what followed the “Passion of the Christ?” Nothing! As you can see this totally breaks the Hollywood  model.  It certainly appears Bible themes will not be promoted in Hollywood but there is nothing wrong with fairy-tales.

I have to admit I am elated to see my favorite comic books on the silver-screen and on the surface it seems like pure entertainment.  There is an obvious omission of balance from a Biblical perspective. Let’s see, we have Sampson who defeated a whole army with an “ass-bone”,  killing thousands of men.  Seeing this on the silver-screen would be none-other than awesome. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into a furnace in The Book of Daniel and emerged unscathed! I could go on and on but Hollywood will not touch this.  These movies would gross billions but the major movie houses are not interested. Why?

One might argue comic books have a major following and are established.  The Bible is the most read book on the planet and the timeless stories are known by billions. Just on curiosity alone these movies would be hits. It is clear only DNA mutated humans or an alien from another planet (which is a mystery in itself) is worthy enough to produce in Hollywood. To further condition the masses on the potentiality of a reality where a being can fly . . . who is prince of the air.

The next question is: Are you saying this is a conspiracy? Yes, I am; but, the caveat is . . . a DIVINE one.  After delving into the aggressive and fascinating research of Danny Wilten, I have come to new conclusions.  Danny is uncovering many of the 15th, 16th, and 17th artistic masterpieces are an overlay to the Orion Nebula.  The part of space where Heaven is said to be located and is even referenced in the Bible (see Amos 5:8).  The question is how did these artist paint a representation of the Orion Nebula, if not Divinely inspired by a consciousness? 

If there is a Divine Consciousness inspiring some men is there a counter Consciousness inspiring other men as well? It is obvious from Danny Wilten’s research these artist are not painting an original work (per say) but a replication of another thoughts!  Perhaps, these comic characters were inspired with an ulterior motive unbeknownst to the creator?  In order to condition the minds of people of what is possible. 

Let’s take the original Star Trek series and recognized the communication device of Captain Kirk was a wireless communicator always on his hip.  Today cell phones are a reality and they do not appear to be advanced technology anymore, merely current.  What we see on television and movies has in fact become what is possible and later it becomes reality. Will we really be surprised if we encounter a man who can bench press 2,500 pounds or can out run a cheetah? We are seeing scientist around the world racing to splice genes to make the next great man.  Is this not mutated DNA from the comic books?

People argue and allegedly are told by the Holy Spirit President Obama is the antichrist, but the antichrist is going to perform great wonders and feats to amaze the masses. The WHOLE world will be astounded as they witness the things this super-hero can do! No offense to President Obama but he is hardly super nor a hero.  We must remember the antichrist is the Prince of the air. Have you seen President Obama fly yet?

In the meantime, I will continue to watch super hero movies because they are pure awesome entertainment.  As stated before I grew up reading them and to see them come to life on the silver-screen is a dream come true.  I will; however, never look at them the same. Because now I am painfully aware Hollywood is innocuously shaping my belief system and distancing themselves from potential Biblical blockbusters. If I ever do see a man who comes to Earth and flies the last thing I will ever call him, will be super. 

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