Grammy Occult Whammy?

Grammy Occult Whammy?

After successfully predicting Beyonce would incorporate Taurus the Bull into her Halftime “show.” It is now safe to say these are more than just shows. There is an occult ritual simultaneously running with the “entertainment.”  Carefully timed and nested in the “act” are occult rituals to open star-gates and portals.  Knowing this we can actually reverse engineer what we are witnessing to decode the occult science.

From the opening sequence of Beyonce’s Halftime Show we subliminally witnessed a fiery bull at the top of a column or gate. It appears necessary to show the symbol in Heaven/Space you wish to create a connection.  By showing the fiery bull, the Taurus constellation was called out and a connection was established.  Also two faces representing Gemini were illustrated to create a connection with the Gemini constellation.

Now the ritual could proceed energizing a bridge between Gemini and Taurus as the targets of the ceremony. There must be a Universal Law likening this process to the old school switch board operator who plugs into a specific number. Ironically, the Gemini/Taurus constellation is known as the “Silver-Gate”, a point in Space which allows entry into the Heavens. This was commonly known and universally accepted common belief in the ancient times.

If you look at the screen capture of the fiery bull (this only lasted one second) kicking off Beyonce’s Halftime Show you will see 7 people strategically placed around the bull. I submit to you they are reciting an ancient invocation at a specific time while Beyonce and the rest of the light and fire show distracts you. Take a gander at the ladies standing around the fiery bull and see if you agree — they look creepy.

Fiery bull at the top and does this look like a ritual?


I found an ancient quote from Jesus himself which accurately represents what we are witnessing.  Read it and carefully reflect on the magnitude of this Spiritual Law presented to us.

Matthew 16:19

19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

This is a binding ritual between Heaven and Earth. It is extremely interesting Heaven is used and not Space. This particular part of Space is intersected by the Galactic Place where many ancient cultures claimed was home to the gods! This entry point between Gemini /Taurus with the Galactic equator slicing through Gemini and the “horns” of the bull is a star-gate to Heaven.  This may sound crazy to some but no more than a Super Bowl Halftime Show flashing fiery bulls and Taurus symbols on the subliminal level.

The next question is why are so many people necessary to make this ritual work? Because an enormous amount of energy is required to energize the symbols and create the gate. The reason we are not told of what is actually happening is because we would not agree with the intentions of the ritual. This is why this is done in secrecy. The very word secrecy denotes evil. All of us are inadvertently helping evil while freely giving our energy to this ritual.

It is obvious through dance the symbol must also be ritualized. Beyonce blatantly stamped her foot like a bull before charging which we dubbed “the bull step.” Beyonce was also replicated through out the performance on the video screen.  Invoking a number of other motifs which need to be further studied. It is clear almost every element of the “show” has a specific purpose to activating a Earth-Heaven connection.

In the ancient times Satan’s religion was known as Baal worship. If you ask me, it is still in affect today but under the auspicious of Foot-Baal, Base-Baal, Soccer-Baal and (see the Mayan ball game) Basket-Baal.  Each sport attracts hundreds of thousands of fans which culminates into a championship.  We know for sure the Super Bowl is aligning with the Silver-Gate as well as the Grammy Awards.  This presents the opportunity to harvest the energy of the crowd and direct it for “binding and loosing” spells.

Silver Gate over Grammy Awards 2/10/2013


What is the true intention of Beyonce’s show we must ask?  What was the binding on Earth? We know Gemini/Taurus was used as the gate and what was loosed?  This is the true mystery? The power outage was bizarre and creates much speculation but what we are also seeing are intentions. Perhaps, they are used to create global spirits? We know because of the secrecy the intentions are diabolical and not healthy for the world. Whatever was loosed was pure evil and it will further decay all aspects, classifications, and kingdoms of the Earth.

Wow! That was a lot to say to segue into the Grammy Awards! If we look at the pattern from last year’s Super Bowl with Madonna to the Grammy Awards, were not much different.  The stand-out was Niki Manaj’s Satanic performace looking like something from “Eyes Wide Shut” and the Spanish Inquisition.  We must look at the motif in the performance and pray against them. We throw a Mighty Joe Young size monkey wrench into their plans when we pray against them while the star-gate is open.

Some researches conjecture the Super Bowl 47 Halftime Show was a failure because the power went out and maybe they are right.  We will know depending on how blatant the motifs are during the Grammy performance. Perhaps we will see more of the same motif from Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance because they need a do-over? I am not sure about this one but what I do know is another Silver-Gate opportunity will be present. Keep your eye on the sparrow and pray to The Most High during the performance and let’s see what happens. It is like giving a dead man an enema — it can’t hurt.

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