Is Comet ISON a SHIP?

Is Comet ISON a SHIP?

How come every time an incoming NASA identified comet photo, is filtered and strange images appear it has  to be a UFO? Let me be the first to tell you this comet is not an alien ship. Is it possible we have all been brainwashed to believe in extraterrestrials through movies like Star Wars? Subconsciously we have been led to believe in the plausibility of an incoming craft arriving to “meet” the earth. Why would an advanced alien race want to travel thousands of light years and land on this dysfunctional planet? A war mongering, whore mongering, social caste system, where human life is unceremoniously extinguished on a daily basis? What is so appealing about this “third-rock” from the sun?

Remember comet Elenin? Every YouTube producer with “visions” from God told the world Elenin was a warning of things to come and it was actually the cause of major earthquakes. These YouTube prophets have access to online resources like the NASA JPL simulator to include in their videos and therefore they appear bonafide.   Ironically, these YouTube prophets use scripture when it suits their needs but not all of the time. So the real question is what Scripture supports anything space based coming to earth from a prophetic perspective?

According to the prophetic books there is not a warning of incoming comets however (meteor showers and) there will be a fiery mountain plummeting into the sea. We will experience giant hail stones but this does not really count because it is a weather phenomenon. The Antichrist will make fire pour down to the earth from space.  A star will appear in the Heavens signifying the precursor to the Second Coming. Jesus will return with great power and glory including an enormous angelic army. There will be a great space war between angels and the demonic. Finally the new Jerusalem will descend from the Heavens to the new earth.

There is one space based threat to the earth according to known ancient history. The Sumerians called them the Anunnaki and Enoch knew them as the fallen angels. Various other lesser ancient cultures called them the gods or star people.

No where in the prophetic books does it warn us to be on the look out for a comet masquerading as an UFO. Some people are so desperate for signs they are fabricating them outside of the Word. This comet ISON will fizzle out but other than that — not much else will happen with it. I would be more concerned with a “new” star suddenly appearing signifying the return of Jesus Christ. So much has to happen before this time so the least of your worries should be another Elenin-esque comet. 

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