Hollywood Horror Movies and Occult Science

Hollywood Horror Movies and Occult Science

Donnie Darko is a 2001 American science fiction drama film written and directed by Richard Kelly and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Noah Wyle, Jena Malone, and Mary McDonnell. The film depicts the adventures of the title character as he seeks the meaning and significance behind his troubling Doomsday-related visions.

In reality it should be defined as a serpent seed expose on the mechanics of demonic possession and propaganda conditioning against the message of Christ. This movie (like many more) are infused with sacred geometries, occult symbols, and demonic entities subtly embedded in the background. The goal is to saturate the subconscious with these symbols in order to create a gateway into the psyche of the unsuspecting human population.  

The theme is always the same — whatever is the opposite of love. Movies like “Donnie Darko” also illustrate the mechanics of possession and the relationship to the eye. Popular celebrity culture is replete with artist who cover one of their eyes. They are communicating with others they are possessed and who they serve. These celebrities turn their bodies into biological timeshares and share them with beings leaving the signature of the serpent iris. Most of us are familiar with the all-seeing-eye on the US currency but many have missed the skin type around the eye. It is in fact serpent like and is clearly not human and looks more reptilian.

The purpose of the occult symbols is to plant seeds and subconscious triggers to oppose the message of love so people choose fear. It is the spirit of disharmony and confusion which is promoted in these movies. My epiphany was understanding through possession you can alter your DNA. How else is it possible to change the shape of your iris? It is apparent without the spiritual protection of the Most High you can be targeted for possession. These movies illustrate possession becomes all consuming and eventually the soul conscious is compromised as the leader of the body.

Occult symbols are used to attach spirit realm energies into the psyche of the observers watching the movie. Why else must they secretly add these to the backdrop of the movie? There is conscious concerted effort by these Hollywood movies houses to place these occult symbols in most of their big budget movies. It is not just to show a “duality” they are activating energies and calling entities from the realm of spirit. Many researchers fall short with their analysis because they are not speaking from the voice of the Holy Spirit. Everything begins in the realm of spirit and to omit it from conclusion is not comprehensive.

Many movies you see that you think are fiction are showing you actual demons. Hollywood is familiar with them because they evoke them and know them. This is why if you look closely you can actually find them in more than one movie. These entities need access to your eyes because they are truly the windows to the soul. This is why you do not find artist signalling they are possessed by covering their ears, nose, or butt. In essence when watching these movies you are opening up yourself and your home to demonic entities including occult symbol planting. Just by looking at these symbols you have created a physical realm connection to the corresponding symbol in the spirit realm. 

I recently watched another demonic propaganda celebration movie called “Sinister.” In this movie a demon empowered children to murder their family before they themselves were consumed by the demon. They showed a picture of the demon and I saw the same demon in the movie “The Beaver.”  Again, the observer is introduced to the theme of “6” and occult symbols in the scene. These are not just movies we are watching but gateways and the eye is the key. Everything we see is stored and accessible in the subconscious mind and these stored symbols can be activated with the right trigger. It can be the symbols itself, a sound, or a smell. 

The serpent seed objective is to keep us open for possession and to the hypnotic suggestion the Bible is dead. Kill the Bible and you kill perfect love. Kill perfect love and you kill the Bible. The ultimate goal is destruction of the soul and by possessing the human body this is possible. If the kingdom is within then the kingdom must be destroyed from within. These movies are the perfect vehicle into the heart and mind of the observer. Infused with occult motifs and demons programs the unsuspecting observer without spiritual protection is fair game.

It is time we teach our children and those who will listen the serpentine formula behind these movies. The first step is spiritual protection and who is better than the undisputed champion of love . . . Jesus? In the realm of spirit all beings must bow to Him — all of them.I have read books on Chaldean magic and even they admit Jesus is Lord!  The best approach is not to even watch these movies or demand Hollywood include an occult rating system like: “This movie is “Rated O” for occult motifs, serpentine situations and demonic entities spiritual discretion is advised.”

We also need to identify these studios and the individuals who run them. Including the producers and directors because we certainly know the actors by them flashing the eye. We are given power over all of these things only if we command it in the name of Jesus Christ. As you can see movies like “Donnie Darko” have become “cult” classics and they should because they are occult creations. I am sure many people have turned away from the Most High because they are spell-bound and perhaps even possessed by watching these movies. This is not crazy talk because you should be asking yourself why these occult symbols are in most of these movies!

In closing as time goes on scientist are learning we are living in a mental universe. Occult symbols are being stored in the psyche of the observers.  The subconscious acts as a biological hard drive patched into the realm of spirit. When these specific occult symbols are activated into the physical realm certain chemicals are released in the brain. All of our emotional responses are predicated on the hypothalamus releasing chemicals to create them. We are learning series of occult symbols can be evoked for specific outcomes — including behaviors.

When studying near-death-experiences people testify they no longer have a physical body in fact they say it is a mental body or spirit body. The realm of spirituality and mentality seem to be waltzing together throughout creation. It is also accepted the spirit realm is a realm of symbols. These symbols are used to communicate meanings, intentions, warnings, and I am sure a whole lot more. What we know for a fact is these symbols are being inconspicuously embedded into film clips. Even the faces of demonic entities are incorporated into the film clips!

There is such a long history to movies having these symbols it would become an arduous project to catalogue them all. This proves a pattern of occult driven intentions to effect the psyche of the observers. These occult symbols are always a backdrop to the theme of the movie which are in conflict with the message of love. The goal is to turn people into antichrists. It is a very subtle message infused with occult symbols.  I dare say the programming would not work without the hidden occult symbols. Spirit must always be infused with the physical and this is why we are advised to test all of the spirits.

Star constellations are also associated with these symbols and their energies can be harnessed to influence the human body. The horoscope business is booming because of this acceptance. It is time to wake up and delve into understanding the cosmic systems being used to control us. We are nothing more than “meat robots” if we do not become spiritually self aware. Scientist at IBM have proven electrons can communicate instantly no matter how vast the distance. Is it unfathomable to to suggest occult symbols can resonate in the spirit and physical realms — simultaneously

It is time to become proactive in this spiritual mystery we are living. We must identify all of the players who have served up these occult motifs without our permission. Their actions are synonymous with spiritual rape and we need to teach them no means no. Yes, we can call upon the power of Christ but we must also become consciously aware of what we are beaming into our homes. The serpent eyed excessive lip lickers are playing us all like out of tune cheap fiddles. If you must watch these movies pray against them and set up a spiritual defense for your home. 

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