Jesus was Married?

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The theological community is a-buzz with debate over the authenticity and potential perspective changing recently discovered Coptic papyrus. Within this papyrus is a reference to Jesus having a wife and a female disciple. This is not “new” news surrounding the life of Christ. Dan Brown, blew up writing a book called, “The Davinci Code” where Christ had a wife. It was also said, Mary Magdalene was a disciple of Christ and the Vatican suppressed this information.

This Coptic papyrus disrupts the previously debated relationship of Christ and Mary Magdelene as being romantic. Because she has now been relegated to a disciple, as opposed to the wife of Christ. This should open the door to the many books of the Bible that were removed by the Vatican from the New Testament; such as the Gospel of Mary of Magdala, Gospel of Thomas and Gospel of Phillip, etc. The life of Christ is now being questioned again with a new nameless  wife. Is her name in this papyrus? If so why is it not mentioned?

The researcher behind this papyrus is Harvard Divinity professor, (Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School) Karen Leigh King. She who holds the oldest endowed chair in the country as the Hollis professor of divinity at Harvard and she is now receiving world wide attention, although she is not the owner of the papyrus. She is sworn to secrecy in order to protect the identity of the owner. 

The papyrus is now being dated between the  6th or 9th century A.D.  In my opinion, it would be more earth shattering if there was a contemporary account of the life of Christ. As it is right now, the writings of his life are 70+ years after His death. This particular papyrus is of no difference in that regard. It presents questions to the theological community if women can be disciples. Well, that should be obvious, if you attend church or have a Facebook account.

In fact, the frequency of the female body oscillates at a higher resonance making them closer to spirit than man! Yes, this accounts for women’s intuition which makes them knowledgeable of things many men which they did not know! In other words, good luck tricking a woman! Some of the questions this papyrus is raising are just plain silly! Christ, saved the life of Mary Magdalene because her life was valuable and because the Kingdom was within her as well.

The real question, is authenticity of the papyrus. Is it in harmony with other books of the Bible? Will it present a divergence in spiritual opinion as to separate itself completely from the other books? Right now, in my opinion, there is not enough information on this papyrus to use the word “authentic.” Yes, it might be from the 6th to 9th century but that is an incredibly long range to be accurate enough to link to religious orders.

Also, Jesus was a title, given to worthy Holy men. In fact, the name “Jesus Christ” was a title given to Him. This is why He has many names, if I am correct there are over 200 names (and concepts) for Him!  Another question is how do these scholars know the papyrus writer was referring to the Son of God? Again, this is not an earth shattering find because it is incomplete. Women are just as important as men because they were made to coexist in the glory of the Father. To suggest, this papyrus changes everything is overly ambitious.

If anything I would hope these scholars and academics do their homework and build a better case. As it is right now, I will be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Jewish historian, Josephus lived closer to the time Christ died yet even he did not write much about the life of Christ. Why are we to believe the 6th or 9th century got it right? Pliny the Younger, mentioned Christ (in a letter) around the same time (as Josephus) but in a court of law this would have been ruled hearsay.  Until this Coptic papyrus can stand on its own . . . it should not be considered.

In closing, the Bible is replete with passages where Christ refers to his followers as His bride yet this is not literal. I mean, I hope not because I am a dude and I do not want to marry another dude, even if it is Christ. We know where the Bible stands on homosexuality and we do not expect to “married” to Christ. The Bible is a book where you must use spiritual discernment in order to decode it as: literally, metaphorically, or symbolically. Most of things Christ said were in a spiritual sense. A fragment clearly is not enough to substantiate he had a wife.

PS: Who married Christ? Did He officiate over His own wedding? Would that not have been a huge event in those days? Do you not think His wife had girl friends who told the world? Was it fair to men as a whole Christ was married? Would this have not have set up every marriage up on earth for failure? Who could compete with the perfect man? This could change why He laid down His life after being married.

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • Mike

    This is being pushed in order to further discredit Christianity. It has been happening and will continue to happen. If you browse through Reddit on any given day, you will find most younger people on there with a negative view of Christianity scoffing at those who believe in the “Fairy Tale”. Do you expect any less? Just look at what’s happening in the world. It’s going to get worse, so cling to the vine ever tighter.

    • I also looked at picture of the King lady and I have not confirmed it yet but I believe she is a lesbian. Why would a lesbian want to destroy the Bible? You are right because there is not enough information to say authenticity.

    • Cory Garcia

      “Christianity” is an institution created by Romans, belonging to Satan.

      The tenth (Roman numeral X – a symbol for the Solar Christ) letter (J) was the final addition to our English vocabulary. “Jesus” is a completely imaginary name. There is nothing EVEN CLOSE in any pre-Constantine (321 A.D.) extant Biblical texts that can be translated to coherently resemble the name “Jesus”. The letter “J” and its sound did not make its way into any human language until 1633. His real Hebrew name has been obscured by the clerics and scribes who at least did us the favor of gathering together the proper works (though I question whether or not Enoch, Jubilees, and Jasher were intentionally left out to obscure our understanding of the fallen angels who rule this world through deceit and subterfuge). Fascinating reads by the way, particularly Enoch.

      Side note: This is all densely summarized – I have resources for all that I write and it can also be found easily by using the search engine of your choice. That being said, the ‘side note’ is that many will try to claim that the Apostle Paul was a Pharisee so we should ignore his twelve letters; but those who say this simply lack an understanding of the complexity of his writing. Paul, because of his path with the occult, was chosen for a specific reason and a diligent analysis of his letters will demonstrate ZERO inconsistencies, either contextually or stylistically. But, Paul wasn’t the only one who was grounded upon the occult…

      “And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds.” ~ Acts 7:22

      Here’s the truth: We are from “I A U E” (Iahuweh, Yahweh, YHWH): we come in Yah’s name, or Yahushua’s (Y’shua for short) name, – who most have been wrongly taught is named Jesus. But no, this is the lie – the Great Deception of our time. We were created by IAUE (Yahweh) whose Son’s name is His Father’s, which is and always was, Yahushua. “God” or “Lord” is not a name that He goes by. It is a title by which Satan is very pleased to answer to. The Biblical Messiah which the world has rejected in place of another false messiah (the Solar Christ, the solar deity saviour figure – Sun-day is our day of worship and Saturnalia is what we now know as Christmas; think: Son of God vs. sun god) has a name which most feel that we are not supposed to use, or simply know nothing about. And this, of course, begs the question, “why is that?” It’s simple. Because we have been told to believe a lie or be damned.

      It is about this: the name when deliberately mispronounced is an attempt by men, who follow flawed traditions originally inspired by the enemy, to hide the true name(s) because in knowing and using in truth and spirit the True Name of Yah (including the name of Yah-shua), we will benefit greatly and realize our Yah-given potential in His plan. ‘They’ do not like this, so they HIDE His real name. To negate someone’s name on this earth is to refuse to allow his or her identity, and is to try to remove their identity from them, to obfuscate the real I.D. of that person, or to mislead, and can also be done for an insult to that person, to lessen the importance of or to degrade the dignity of that human being. Am I wrong to assume that the Creator and His Son have been offended by this? Read more, and then reflect on that question.

      To use nicknames instead of a person’s name is alright for some people, if they are not of evil intent, and if they are not accustomed to degradation for ease of pronunciation if it is alright by the person being called another name. But for the Almighty Creator of all things, it can never be good to change His name into another which is intended to mock Him. Why would this be alright? With men, of course, it is ‘alright’, but who are these men? They do not have the authority to change the Name of the Creator Father and our Messiah. Do you see my issue with this? We are calling upon spirits when using names and when we do not know the meaning of a name, we should find out before we use it. We can’t just say, “Well, since I do not know I will just say ‘Father’.” This can only logically be the case if you really cannot find out the real name, which most people can do today thanks to the all-knowing inter-web. Each one of us will be held accountable for our own ‘Truth-getting’. You need to want it. Do not be afraid to ask and to find, and to question. This is what IAUE wants us all to do. He does not want us to follow men blindly into the pit. So to be clear, as long as you make it known in your heart which Mighty One you are calling upon when you say “Father”, by not denying His NAME which is important in the spirit world, there should be no danger in sometimes calling out just “Father” when referring to IAUE, our Father Creator.

      The Father-Creator’s Name is vital to use in His worship in truth and in spirit, and it is the four Hebrew vowels which transliterate to the English vowels, I A U E, meaning the verb “TO BE”, or “TO EXIST”, in all its tenses. This makes sense since He and His Word, who became His half-human son (Word made Flesh), the Messiah, are the TWO omnipresent “entities” Who Created all things together, in perfect spiritual agreement and harmony (the Doctrine of the Trinity is a lie from the mouth of Satan. If you are ever interested in an explanation for these ‘side’ claims, just ask.). The Father, IAUE, pronounced “Yah Huw eh”, or “Iah Hu ah”, usually spelled by people in English as Yahweh – began thinking the thing to be created, then the other spirit with Him, in complete understanding, took that thought, all the instructions and detail, and SPOKE the thing thought by IAUE (Yahuweh) The Father, and it CAME INTO BEING, or manifested in actuality. So, being that we have been created in His image and likeness, we, collectively, have the literal ability to “make our dreams come true” or “do anything that we can set our minds to”. If we can think it, it can be done (think about the media’s role here; holly-wood is what one would use to craft a witches wand; they have the power to guide our imaginations and, thus, holding in the hollow of their hands, control the destiny of the people). Saying words out loud is how physical things are manifested and invoked in the spiritual world. Words are extremely and indescribably powerful, therefore the seed of the Serpent does not wish for us to ever know and use the most powerful name in the universe. This rabbit hole goes far deeper than most are willing to go once you cross through the threshold of where the English (angel-ish) language comes from and the peculiar nature of “Reverse Speech”. Indeed, the world, and the things of it, are very mysterious.

      “I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.” ~ Revelation 3:8

      So when the Catholic Church came into power, they switched Semiramis/Isis with Mary as the Queen of Heaven (worshipping of angels is an abomination), associated Ishtar/Easter with the resurrection of Yahushua, turned the Roman orgy festival of Saturnalia (December 25th) into the birthday of Y’shua, and adopted the practices of log burning and decorating of trees as part of the celebration of His birth (these things actually originated from the celebration of the resurrection of Tammuz/Horus; the all-seeing eye – son of Nimrod/Osiris – the spirit of the Antichrist.) Finally, in 321 A.D., Constantine the Great issued an edict at the Council of Nicaea to make Sun-day the official day of worship in order to appease “Christians” and sun worshippers. So really, Sunday, as a day of worship, links all the way back to the stories from ancient Rome to Greece – and before that, to Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, and Sumer (Nimrod – Genesis 10 (X)).

      You see, Christianity is just a religion that was promulgated by the Catholic Church to offset the power that was spreading around the world from an understanding of the True meat of Yah’s Word. ALL religions of the world are really only ONE religion. The truth is that religion is the creation of the Enemy of the Most High. Religion and its institutions were created as a counterfeit of the instructions written for right-living found only in the pages of Scripture, and we are craftily denied the Truth thereof. There were no mistakes made in the written Gospel accounts as they were originally written – a claim which I endeavor to challenge. Any errors come later, at the hands of the scribes, and even those few are easily remedied. He who looks on the Gospels and sees errors, sees only a reflection of his own insufficiencies. Religion, then, is the OPPOSITE of the Way of Messiah Yahushua and those trapped in Babylon will only grow sleepier and sleepier until this deception appropriately reaches its climax at its appointed hour, and many will accept it blindly. Therefore, the “god” of religion is none other than the infamous Dragon himself. Those whose faith is based on a foundation of sand and lies will soon be tested. This is going to be exposed, and faith in religion will fail. I’m not making nebulous warnings here. I’m going to give it to you straight from the scriptures, untwisted and unadulterated, with the Messiah’s willing help of course. What is coming is going to be most challenging, but Y’shua has ordained that there will be overcomers!

      If we say that we will ignore His name and instead feel free to insult The Father IAUE and ignore His instructions for life and worship, and substitute a solar diety’s name (Hesus, Esus, Zeus/Iesus/Jesus, Deus, Dios (Dionysus), Osiris, Helios, Theos, and Apollo are all very similar in purpose; even the Messianic title “Christos” is Solar-deity related) in His name’s place, supposedly in “honoring” him, is a very-very-very serious thing to do and should not be taken lightly. Not only is it dishonest of our priests to promulgate this lie and insult of our Creator, but it is purely hypocritical and treacherous of them to do this to us who have trusted in them to be preachers of righteousness, not pretentious perverts. So that I don’t sound overly dramatic, I should mention that there are many preachers who are simply just too lazy to search these matters for themselves. So, the point that I am making is that all those churches have chosen to remain in the Babylonian system and because of that, the True Meat of Yah’s Word is NOT being preached, taught, and revealed by our pastors and talking faces. How are these preachers going to hear the Yah’s instruction for what to do in this late hour if they don’t realize the lateness of the hour? Whether they have succumbed to the temptations of Satan or have been duped, these preachers have been told to ignore any gloomy, end-times prophecy because such teaching is generally not allowed in academia or supported by those who provide funding for the ministry

      • Mike

        Ok, so, we are casting out demons in Jesus’ name, a name that does not exist, yet demons recognize? In this case, either you or the demons are utter fools. Personally, I think the demons know much more truth than you, and they are more than happy to oblige your alacrity in blindly searching for a “truth” which you have uncovered all by yourself, a “truth” which has been suppressed for ages, thus leaving humanity clueless….until now. Peter Joseph is proud of you.

        I caution you to watch what you say and write. Remember what Christ said about the unpardonable sin.

        • I do not understand this…

          • Mike

            “”Christianity” is an institution created by Romans, belonging to Satan.The
            tenth (Roman numeral X – a symbol for the Solar Christ) letter (J) was
            the final addition to our English vocabulary. “Jesus” is a completely
            imaginary name.”

            I am referring to the prior poster’s words.

          • Ok, I will let you two reason this one out. I am too busy getting beat up by angry people today.

          • Mike

            Blood moon, 2 a.m.

          • Cory Garcia


            You inquiry of the lie known as “the trinity”. Well, how is this for “hearsay”?:

            Exploding the doctrine of the trinity is actually a fairly straight-forward operation. We can show that all direct references in Scripture to a ‘father/son/holy spirit (or ghost)’ trio are late corruptions to the texts. 1 John 5:7 is known as the Comma Johanneum, and reflects demonstrable tampering with the original text – so much so that we even have a viable candidate for the individual corruptor himself (Erasmus the Humanist).

            There is also Matthew 28:19, which again makes very clear reference to the trinity. This verse appears in all the extant manuscripts exactly as it does in the English translations. So how can we know for certain that the verse has been changed, even though the change is reflected in all existing Greek manuscripts? Defective work.

            Enter the writings of the ‘early church fathers’. Much of what these men wrote was carefully preserved and exists to this day. We have access to their writings, and when we examine the documented thoughts and the history of a writer like Eusebius, we find things like this:

            Eusebius was specifically approached by Constantine and convinced to change his (Eusebius’s) personal standing on the matter of the trinity. The trinity doctrine was to become ratified and codified at the Council of Nicaea, after which time any vocal opposition to the doctrine would be met with force. Constantine needed ‘pillars’ like Eusebius to rally behind the cause – and rally they did. But here’s the problem. Eusebius was a prolific writer with access to the original first century manuscripts — those same manuscripts which were to become the Gospels and Letters of the New Testament. Eusebius (and others) wrote extensively about these documents, and in so doing he (and they) recorded many of the verses, as they originally existed, into his (and their) own writing. If Eusebius were giving a lecture on specific verses or passages, he naturally included those verses or passages in his own work, and the original version of Matthew 28:19 is no exception. In fact, ] Eusebius alone recorded and preserved the original version of Matthew 28:19 no fewer than twenty eight times prior to the Council of Nicaea when Constantine ordered the verse changed. And Eusebius is but one such writer among many. Here then is the verse, as it originally existed, before it was changed:

            Go ye, and make disciples of all nations in My Name.

            And there it is. Any time Eusebius recorded this verse after the council had convened, he recorded the verse as we are familiar with it today. Those men decided yet again, for one reason or another, that the TRUTH stood in need of their assistance in order for it to be effectively communicated to the people. (Either that, or they were just satanic deceivers.) But of course Truth never needs help from men, and whenever men tamper with the Word, what we end up with is an abomination. The doctrine of the trinity is one such abomination.

            “Ghost” suggests “deceased”. If I were a betting man, the holy “ghost” is none other than our man Nimrod/Osiris/Apollo. I am even less sure about the issue of YHWH as a triune God. The Catholic practice of saying “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” while using your hand to motion an upside down
            cross from your “third-eye” to your chest is most suspicious, if you ask me. ‘He who was, and is not, and yet is’ could very well be described as a ‘ghost’ in the interim period between his ‘was-ness’ and his ‘is-ness’.

            I believe in Yahushua and I am a firm believer in Grace by Faith in Him for my eternal Salvation. Yahushua is my Messiah and I pray that He might come to know me and lead me to Yahweh Elohim – the Father and most High. I fear for the judgment of my sins and constantly seek His forgiveness.

            So who is committing the abomination with their support of the trinity. Is it you, or me? If it is me then I would ask that you help me to correct my errors since you are so sure of what you know.

          • Mike

            The word trinity may not be used per se, but the concept of Triune Essences is: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. Study the Aramaic text, where the translations are not watered down. Paul and the Apostles mention it many times as well as The Anointed One and all believers are baptized with water and The Spirit.

            You seem to enjoy writing lengthy essays sewing facts together so to conform to your fantastical garment. It must be frustrating you cannot deceive more people on Before Its News, a trusted compilation of drooling quasi-sci-fi writers who have only speculation and a generous imagination to work with. Yes, years ago I explored that site and have found it to be more of a disinformation site than enlightening.

            You’d serve yourself and others better by adhering to the Truth. To summarize your essays, basically you assert that the Bible has been and is corrupted and that all have been deceived (except you and a few other enlightened saviors). Man, your words border on blasphemy. You’re working for the enemy without even knowing it.

          • Cory Garcia

            You do nothing but express your opinion. I’m presenting facts that can be verified.

            We can all see that you are just being lazy. If you loved our Messiah as much as you claim to do then you would have provided a more thought out response as you see I have. Call me whatever you want. Typically, the bitter loser of an argument results to slander and threats of eternal punishment. It’s quite pathetic and its nothing new. You’ve been presented with the evidence and I can’t wait to see how your accusations hold up in the court of Truth.

          • Cory Garcia


            I am losing patience with your sad attempts to use the straw man. Stop putting words in my mouth and show a little respect. Not only are you too lazy to research the facts that contradict your beliefs, but you are too lazy to read what I wrote.

            I have not denied the Holy Spirit. My beef is with the doctrine of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Chodesh) is very real.

            You keep telling me to read Aramaic Mike. What gives you the impression that I have not?

            Have you seen the letter “J” in any Aramaic texts?

            Stop distracting by trying to label me a blasphemer. It’s pathetic and I know Someone who is watching.

        • Cory Garcia

          Who are you to caution me? And who are you to assume that I don’t remember the concept of unpardonable sin? Don’t play that straw man argument with me good sir.

          You appear to have underestimated me. If you want to come off with the slightest sense of respectability then I challenge you to prove a single claim that I have made wrong.

          Demons deceive, do they not? Wouldn’t it be logical to assume that they cast themselves away from a particular name for the purpose of leading people astray. Ever heard of the anti-christ? Might this be a good tactic to convince people that their god is the True God?

          Mike, have you ever cast out a demon while using the name “Jesus”? And how do you know that the demon wasn’t playing you for a fool?

          If you are going to step into His role as Judge by presuming me to be guilty of an abomination then I suggest that you leave the platitudes at the sand box and come back with an intelligent discussion. Trust in the institution of religion will not suffice against the facts that I am prepared to present.

          Step up your game. Become a lover of Him and not so much a lover of yourself and your pet doctrines. But no need to worry, there are many people like you. Realizing yourself to be wrong, you become bitter instead of manning up and shifting paradigm.

          • Cory Garcia


            Here is a link to some work that I have posted on-line. You might want to take a close look at it and consider for a moment that maybe I do know what I am talking about.

            Could I be wrong about some things? Sure. But you have given me absolutely no reason to believe this is so. I’ve debated many people like yourself on this very subject. Good luck with your rebuttal.

            “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” ~ Psalm 139:23-24

          • drew

            Cory, I for one would like to learn more of what you are saying. I am a
            beginner on a journey that you seem to be well steeped in. Your info is
            what I have been learning myself and once you start seeing the lies, you
            start to question everything. I for one thank you and would like to
            learn more. I have downloaded the links you have posted and just want to
            thank you for putting yourself out there.


          • Cory Garcia

            “once you start seeing the lies, you start to question everything.”

            Drew, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Believe none of what you hear and little of what you see.

            I’m happy to know that what I have wrote has helped somebody. You appear to have been gifted with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, unlike another person on this thread… None of us have it all figured out. I simply follow where He leads and, when I’m wrong, I remain ready to shift intellectual paradigm to fit His Word as originally intended. But, in relation to the name “Jesus”, the facts are indisputable and I’m still waiting for an honorable response,

            Mike laid yet another straw man argument on me by accusing me of being a follower of Drew, I am not and I have a very good reason for not following that website. That site has a lot of traffic and I simply posted a few articles there so that anyone can read them.

            I don’t do this for attention and, in fact, I prefer to remain in the comment sections. Nowhere will you find more genuine truth-seekers than in comment threads on articles like this.

            You seem like an honest truth-seeker looking to better your understanding of the Word. I know very well how murky the waters can be so I’d be happy to offer my assistance in your journey any way that I can.

            Be well

          • Mike

            You began your essay with “Christianity is Satanic”. You follow with innuendos no Biblical scholar would agree with. You can source all you want, it’s still only hearsay.

            Then, like all New Agers, you equate all religions and diminish the Trinity.

            I am a lover of Jesus Christ. There is no game to step up and there is no need to read deep into the occult to understand His simple message. Satan is about smoke and mirrors and magic. Christ’s message is pure and has reached almost every part of the world. The Word has and never will change despite the deceptions constantly promulgated by His adversaries.

            As for Jesus, Exorcists invoke his name during the ritual and the demons, though deceptive, do eventually leave. He is recognized by many translations, whether they be Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin, etc.

            The Catholic church and many pastors do not place emphasis on grace through belief, but on works, which Paul warns about consistently in his letters. The church as a whole (body of CHRISTIANS) is and has been under attack, but the Letter of the Word cannot be tainted, only discredited.

            My original argument was your attack on Jesus’ name. His name works: Jesus, Yeshua, or Eashoa. It works in prayer, healing, or anything else He is asked for. I am not judging, just defending His name. Your arguments sound identical to Zeitgeist, an apalling attack on Christianity which fooled many. So no judgement, just a reminder.

          • Cory Garcia

            Yes, the “institution” of Christianity belongs to Satan. The word “Christos” is directly related to the notion of a solar deity and has absolutely no relation to Hebrew or Aramaic texts. Defend your position with facts, not the hearsay that you accuse me of.

            If you don’t think that there is a greater spiritual power in Words then you haven’t been reading your Bible. Remember, we were created in
            His Image and Likeness. Messiah is the Word made Flesh and all things were spoken into existence by Him. When the world came together under Nimrod with one language, we could do “everything that we imagined to do”. Ever
            read Ecclesiastes 1:9-11? There is a power in Words and I think that we can both agree that we cannot claim ignorance.

            His Name is very important and this is a subject that should not be whisked away lightly because “bible scholars” don’t tread on these waters. Surely you noticed how I proved three books by very respectable authors…You going to sit there and tell me that Alex Hislop’s research is
            hearsay? The only one in this chatroom spitting hearsay is you, hearsay adopted and partitioned by the Roman institution of Christianity, and believed by fools who are too afraid to question the Vicar of Christ and the Holy See. There are
            close to 4,000 flavors of Christianity. Are you trying to tell me that they all belong to our Messiah Yahushua? Don’t underestimate the dark powers in this world, my friend. They operate from a mirror of mockery that reflects the light from within the darkness.

            The Hebrew story of creation cannot be viewed as an isolated account known only to the ancient Jews. Rather, it is a story that has been
            mimicked and copied by very many other cultures, some of which could not have seen the Hebrew writings before developing their own versions of the basic story. That stories with similar elements sprang up in very different cultures around the world suggests that these stories have a common origin, with the Biblical account arguably the most accurate due to the unique pains that were taken in keeping the stories true to the original Word. Please note that the scribes copying the various books of the Old and New Testaments did so with
            strict supervision and careful checking by the scribe as well as those working with him to avoid errors. Where many cultures rewarded the embellishment of stories, the Jewish writers worked in the opposite direction: the stories were
            never to be altered even by punctuation.

            I study the Bible as it was originally written and the name “Jesus” is nowhere to be found. How can Jesus be His name if the letter “J” wasn’t introduced in to our vocabulary until 400 years

            Are you afraid of learning a new perspective? Are you afraid of being in err? One of us needs to be corrected on this subject, and if it’s me, then I would prefer to get to the heart of the matter sooner rather than later. If it’s you, what better time than the present?

          • Cory Garcia

            Provided** not proved.