Jesus was Married?

Jesus was Married?

The theological community is a-buzz with debate over the authenticity and potential perspective changing recently discovered Coptic papyrus. Within this papyrus is a reference to Jesus having a wife and a female disciple. This is not “new” news surrounding the life of Christ. Dan Brown, blew up writing a book called, “The Davinci Code” where Christ had a wife. It was also said, Mary Magdalene was a disciple of Christ and the Vatican suppressed this information.

This Coptic papyrus disrupts the previously debated relationship of Christ and Mary Magdelene as being romantic. Because she has now been relegated to a disciple, as opposed to the wife of Christ. This should open the door to the many books of the Bible that were removed by the Vatican from the New Testament; such as the Gospel of Mary of Magdala, Gospel of Thomas and Gospel of Phillip, etc. The life of Christ is now being questioned again with a new nameless  wife. Is her name in this papyrus? If so why is it not mentioned?

The researcher behind this papyrus is Harvard Divinity professor, (Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School) Karen Leigh King. She who holds the oldest endowed chair in the country as the Hollis professor of divinity at Harvard and she is now receiving world wide attention, although she is not the owner of the papyrus. She is sworn to secrecy in order to protect the identity of the owner. 

The papyrus is now being dated between the  6th or 9th century A.D.  In my opinion, it would be more earth shattering if there was a contemporary account of the life of Christ. As it is right now, the writings of his life are 70+ years after His death. This particular papyrus is of no difference in that regard. It presents questions to the theological community if women can be disciples. Well, that should be obvious, if you attend church or have a Facebook account.

In fact, the frequency of the female body oscillates at a higher resonance making them closer to spirit than man! Yes, this accounts for women’s intuition which makes them knowledgeable of things many men which they did not know! In other words, good luck tricking a woman! Some of the questions this papyrus is raising are just plain silly! Christ, saved the life of Mary Magdalene because her life was valuable and because the Kingdom was within her as well.

The real question, is authenticity of the papyrus. Is it in harmony with other books of the Bible? Will it present a divergence in spiritual opinion as to separate itself completely from the other books? Right now, in my opinion, there is not enough information on this papyrus to use the word “authentic.” Yes, it might be from the 6th to 9th century but that is an incredibly long range to be accurate enough to link to religious orders.

Also, Jesus was a title, given to worthy Holy men. In fact, the name “Jesus Christ” was a title given to Him. This is why He has many names, if I am correct there are over 200 names (and concepts) for Him!  Another question is how do these scholars know the papyrus writer was referring to the Son of God? Again, this is not an earth shattering find because it is incomplete. Women are just as important as men because they were made to coexist in the glory of the Father. To suggest, this papyrus changes everything is overly ambitious.

If anything I would hope these scholars and academics do their homework and build a better case. As it is right now, I will be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Jewish historian, Josephus lived closer to the time Christ died yet even he did not write much about the life of Christ. Why are we to believe the 6th or 9th century got it right? Pliny the Younger, mentioned Christ (in a letter) around the same time (as Josephus) but in a court of law this would have been ruled hearsay.  Until this Coptic papyrus can stand on its own . . . it should not be considered.

In closing, the Bible is replete with passages where Christ refers to his followers as His bride yet this is not literal. I mean, I hope not because I am a dude and I do not want to marry another dude, even if it is Christ. We know where the Bible stands on homosexuality and we do not expect to “married” to Christ. The Bible is a book where you must use spiritual discernment in order to decode it as: literally, metaphorically, or symbolically. Most of things Christ said were in a spiritual sense. A fragment clearly is not enough to substantiate he had a wife.

PS: Who married Christ? Did He officiate over His own wedding? Would that not have been a huge event in those days? Do you not think His wife had girl friends who told the world? Was it fair to men as a whole Christ was married? Would this have not have set up every marriage up on earth for failure? Who could compete with the perfect man? This could change why He laid down His life after being married.

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