Michael Brown and the Silver Gate

Michael Brown and the Silver Gate

The Michael Brown murder is turning Ferguson, Missouri into a scene reminiscent of the Watts race riots that took place in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles from August 11 to 17, 1965. Synchronistically, the timing of the Ferguson riots is almost exact match for the Watts Riots, which I find quite perplexing. Michael Brown was shot 6 times with one of the shots in crown of his head. It seems extremely excessive to shoot an unarmed man that many times but allegedly the officer was under attack.

The current law enforcement strategy to piece·meal supporting evidence to the media is vexing to say the least. If the fractured eye-socket of the officer was shared immediately I am sure the riot would be averted. We will have to wait and see how the evidence unfolds before rushing to judgement but the fact evidence is slowly be shared is very suspicious. The purpose of these racially motivated events is to divide the people.

Ephesians 6:12

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

We have to put our spiritual glasses on to understand plans are being carried out from the spirit realm. We must remember Ephesians 6:12 because I think this where the disconnect is. People do not really believe there is another dimension in the ether teeming with spiritual life. They give full credit to people for their actions when the Bible tells us possession was real and Jesus busied Himself with ferreting out possession.

I have been waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop to share this next detail with the readership of Revelation Now. The Trayvon Martin murder was under the Silver Gate.  What this means is right above the location where Trayvon was gunned down the cosmic canopy consisting of Gemini and Taurus was aligned. The Silver Gate is the exit of the heavenly realms where the ancients said celestial beings would EXIT.

This means the dark spiritual forces exit there and then possess humans. My theory was Zimmerman and Trayvon were both possessed to ensure an altercation. Zimmerman was obviously the winner that night because he would be used to fan the flames of racial injustice. Many people expected Watts type riots but fortunately that did not happen; however, the psychic pain was ingrained in the minds of black people.

Now we have the Michael Brown murder and take a guess what cosmic alignment was overhead during the murder? If you guessed the Silver Gate you may pass “Go” and collect your $200. Again, we see the Silver Gate overhead with another black young man being gunned down. This time he was shot many more times and witness claim his hands were in the air. Because of the sketchy leaking of facts from the police it is causing higher levels of hostility from the protesters.

Now we have a pattern including an anciently revered gate where celestial beings would exit. It surely gives credence to the fact spiritual beings are involved in this mess. If we judge them by their fruit we will all agree this is pure evil. It also gives us the opportunity to understand the hearts and minds of people. It said racism is prevalent in people with low IQs. I would have to say true but racism rears its head (with educated people) with insensitive comments regarding anyone’s death. What happened to: “You shall not kill.”

Suddenly, there is an escape clause for murder because these young black men are thugs. They were not afforded the same standards as their similarly situated other race counterpart. This is the design of the dark forces which is to resonate this very theme to cause a separation between races. The media is not showing you the white people marching just like the Mississippi burning case. Funny how President Obama is going to weigh in on this case before all of the evidence is in yet 22 veterans are committing suicide every 24 hours! Where is the emergency White House press conference on this?

The bottom line is this is a spiritual war and we should look at all angles before rushing to judgment. We must learn to spiritually evaluate the signs so we do not get played out by the dark forces. They think they are smarter than us but those of us armed with the knowledge of the Word see through their smoke screen. It is us against them and divided we fall.

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