Ferguson Town Folk to Jesse Jackson:GET OUT!

Ferguson Town Folk to Jesse Jackson:GET OUT!

Once people got your number it is harder to run a game on them. Jesse Jackson is learning this and is learning maybe his all access melanin pass has no value. The “jig is up” and Jesse just like Adrian Balboa once told Rocky, “You can’t win.” Jesse Jackson should have gone away along time ago but his ego always calls him back; or is it his bills?

In her first television interview, a woman who had a four-year affair with the Rev. Jesse Jackson calls their daughter her “miracle baby” and expresses no regrets over her relationship with the civil rights leader. “I’m convinced she is supposed to be here, and I am supposed to be her mom,” Karin Stanford says of her daughter, Ashley. “And I’m very proud of that.”

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For decades this spiritual con man used the pulpit to pull panties, wallets, and exploit racial injustice for his own financial gain. Now he has descended like a vulture into the town of Ferguson to exploit the Michael Brown death. Like an old crusty Power Ranger he has joined forces with Al Sharpton and tainted the unity of the people in Ferguson.

Alas, the town folk were not too shy about asking Jesse Jackson directly if he marched with the people of Ferguson because they did not witness it. It is apparent from their contemptuous line of questions Jackson was not welcome there. Black people are tired of Jesse Jackson and his ilk. They bring the wrong type of exposure to any rally now and besmirch the whole movement with their presence.

I am happy to see all people from different social economic backgrounds feel the same as I do. I do not think Jackson gets the message either and perhaps it is time for drive by fruitings? We can actually exhale on this one because the town folk of Ferguson have played Jesse Jackson out and it is time for him to go. Jesse, if you are reading this . . . boosh.

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