The Smoking Gun of Demons IN Sports

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Many people are aware sporting events have a history of being rigged. The mafia notoriously decided the outcome of professional boxing matches in order to increase their wealth. What most people are not aware of is the role of dark forces in the outcome of sporting events. Yes, they are the true 12th man in football and the 6th man in basketball, etc. We must now collectively realize how demonically selected teams can have “magical” seasons where they reach the championships and win.

The question is: What is the true purpose of game rigging from the realm of spirit? Are they in it for money? Probably not because they certainly have higher goals than just currency. The demons objective is to use the humans and motifs from the physical realm to build a spell. This way whatever is orchestrated in spirit must manifest in the physical realm. We know there are many ingredients to a mega ritual and the demons make sure the right recipe is concocted.

Disclaimer: This video is being used to illustrate a point. We do not support the message or the ideology of this YouTuber’s channel.

There are so many elements of a mega ritual, such as: numerology, alchemy, acoustic alchemy, symbols, archetypes, themes, spoken words, spirits, cosmology, blood sacrifice, and stargates. The demons ensure each of these aspects are met and fulfilled in order to create the chosen spell.  The demons make sure the selected teams win and there you will see amazing shots happen or perfect throws. So let’s take a look at the video below.

First, let’s qualify the vetting of the this video. I am not sure this video was not manipulated in anyway but I am assuming it is legitimate. You will see an unexplained soccer kick score. The soccer ball clearly passes outside the front of the goal post and then passes through the net into the goal. This can only be explained as the manipulation of matter. The demon changed the matter of the soccer ball in order to pass through the net.

This tells us a football can be manipulated to soar higher or faster over a defender hands. The basket ball can leave the shooters hand and be manipulated in the air to score. The baseball can be manipulated to fly over the wall for a home-run.  The video has shown you a soccer ball can break our understanding of the laws of physics and pass through the net of a soccer goal. The fans are there as the batteries of the event and the demons suck all of the emotional and sonic energies up.

These respective energies are used to create the material form of the spell so it can materialize in the physical realm. There is an agenda being fulfilled by these dark forces and professional sport events are used to harvest human generated energy. Events like these have been used since ancient times and we need only to revisit the ancient Mayan ball courts to realize this truth. The next time you are getting excited about your team please realize it is also a demon’s team.

In closing if this video is legit than you have just seen the smoking gun of demonic involvement in a sporting event. You now know how certain teams are predestined to appear in the championship games. This also lends credence to the fact color alchemy is important as well as the logo for the team. The satanic kingdom utilized thousands of years to create seemingly innocuous systems and events into place in order to milk the masses of their spiritual energy. Do you think it is time to turn our backs on professional sports?

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

  • Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    WOW !!! I had a hard time to see it as it was tro fast for my eyes ! Great work Mike 😉

  • David Wood

    You really should responsibly look at this youtuber’s other videos before directing people to his vids–if you are not careful, someone might get trapped in his snare. That guy (quasiiluminous) is clearly sick

    • I am not endorsing his channel. The point is to show the soccer video. Just because I show soccer footage does not mean I am endorsing his channel. It is obvious to the readership of this site Biblical scripture is the foundation here and just because a video is on his channel does not mean it can not portray truth. I trust people will use their own discernment in the end. This is not about my responsibility as you say because this sick person actually captured a truth IF this video is legit. I do not think anyone from Revelation Now will get trapped in his snare because his Channel is not sound doctrine. You need to learn how to accept truth when you encounter it even if it came from his Channel. Some times he will get lucky and post a truth! 🙂

    • But I did just add a disclaimer under the video to make sure people understand! Thanks for the warning because you never know, right?