South Carolina Shooting: MURDER By the STARS

South Carolina Shooting: MURDER By the STARS


As America’s collective consciousness deals with the aftermath of the African Methodist Episcopal Church mass shooting where nine people were shot and killed; the mainstream media is mum on the spiritual evidence it presents. This mass shooting has joined the ranks of several of the other media saturated murders. There is a clear cosmic pattern which clearly links them to the spirit world.

There are many ancient tales or myths which speak directly to the cosmic canopy over many of these media saturated mass shootings. Law enforcement would call this a pattern. In most criminal investigations these patterns help investigators prove their case. These nationally covered mass murders offer physical evidence of spiritually revered components.

You have to ask yourself: How is it possible so many of these mass shootings share the only two points in space which ancient cultures call the entrance or exit into heaven? While other ancient cultures like the Mayans considered the Dark Rift the entrance to the underworld. What all these ancients cultures share is the common acceptance the Dark Rift is where their gods would travel.



Many of these mass shootings turn into media frenzies where many facts about the shooter, victims, and community are shared with the world. There is a blatant oppression of this star-gate pattern which gives credence to the spiritual:

Ephesians 6:12 – “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

What exactly are spiritual forces? Are we talking a physical army pouring forth from the star gates? Or are we talking invisible influences targeting doped up victims induced to commit mass murder? There is a need for mass blood shedding and this is the outcome of the ritual. It was already played out in spirit and allowed to manifest in the individual through sorcery.

I mean who actually guns down an old southern grandmother? That is just plain evil and synonymous with playing the Knock Out game at a school for the blind. Demonic driven behavior is beyond psychoanalysis because the end game is only about mass blood shed of the innocent. We have seen this played out in media where blood could not be spilled on the alter until a precise time and cosmic alignment.

These star-gates are the only consistent pattern these mass shootings share including the psychotropic drug protocols of the shooters. If you think about it these regularly aligning star-gates over the earth allow for a “witching” hour mentality. Meaning keep your Glock locked on your hip during these star-gate alignments in your town. Even those South Carolina Believers were murdered in their house of worship.

What is fascinating is when you review the cosmic backdrop in many of the other mass shootings you seen the same constellations. There are appear to be Golden and Silver gate mass shootings. Out of the eighty eight generally accepted constellations, two pairs are the cosmic witnesses to mass murder.

Could this be a matter of coincidence?  I used to think so until my Super Bowl analysis proved a relationship between symbols and motifs and the Silver Gate overhead. There is an Ephesians 6:12 element to these star-gate alignments in my opinion. These mass murders definitely qualify as evil and we have two anciently accepted constellations known as the entry and exit points in Heaven used by gods, angels, and chariots. Below are examples of the Golden Gate aligned over mass shooting murders over the years.



I wonder if this is how these dark forces travel back through the Golden Gate? Are they trapped on earth until the mass blood spilling ritual? I was not sure if this makes sense because there are plenty of war spilling mass blood daily. Then I realized these mass shooters are spilling the blood of the innocent. If there is evidence of these dark forces going into the star-gate there must be evidence of them coming out of the other star-gate. Below are examples of mass shootings under the Silver gate alignment.



The South Carolina church shooting is just another instance of the Golden Gate in the cosmic backdrop during a mass shooting. Out of the 88 constellations how is it possible the same ones revered by ancient witnesses are looming over the murder scene? So many families and communities are devastated by these seeming senseless murders but Ephesians 6:12 has given us understanding dark forces are at play with the minds of these shooters.

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