Is Kate Middleton Boosting Rosemary’s Baby Style?

Is Kate Middleton Boosting Rosemary’s Baby Style?

If you ever saw the movie Rosemary’s Baby it is unforgettable and timeless movie you can watch anytime. It was one of the first movies I saw which implicated everyday people who work in collusion to serve Satan. What is strange to me is how these celebrities fan the flames of conspiracy theory by a simple piece of jewelry or any purchase for that matter that links them to satanism.



Princess Kate Middleton is no stranger to this being a part of the royal family. Princess Diana is alleged to have once stated, “They are not human!” Referring to certain members of the royal family. And now Kate Middleton is biting her baby carriage purchase right off the style from the movie Rosemary’s Baby. This simple purchase alone will drum up questions of why? What is the point of parading around Princes Charlotte Elizabeth Diana in a throw back carriage popularized by the carriage which held the AntiChrist in Rosemary’s Baby?

Rosemary’s Baby – What have you done to its eyes?

Coming from a father who is raising three strong sons I never once considered purchasing the baby carriage from Rosemary’s baby. In fact, seeing that stroller always drummed up memories from The Omen as well. I am sure that was a popular stroller at the time but it sure is a strange choice in my opinion. At the end of the day, to each his own!

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