Did Seinfeld Help Brainwash America to Elect Obama?

Did Seinfeld Help Brainwash America to Elect Obama?

First, let’s remember this post is under the “Theory” section before you mail me a straight jacket and a bag of pills. With that being said, let’s go into this analysis understanding and agreeing the television is used to brainwash the viewer. The television influences and drives viewers purchasing habits and manipulates consumer behavior. It also can be used to get the subconscious to react based on pre-conditioned stimulus. Did you know an image of Obama was bombarded into the subconscious of Seinfeld fans before he ever emerged to the national platform?



In season three (1991) of Seinfeld, the titular character hung an unassuming piece of art on the wall of his apartment. This picture was placed in the backdrop while the Seinfeld cast entertained tens of millions. Subconsciously, tens of millions of people associated the picture of Obama with: intellect, wit, creativity, good humor, and affability. Yes, the Seinfeld comedy series was about “nothing” as Seinfeld shares, but it was a nothing, where creative comedy premises sprang forth.

When Obama emerged his mere appearance acted as a trigger to the subconscious which associated him with personality traits and values the people could relate to … from Seinfeld. He was instantly considered to have these traits: intellect, wit, creativity, good humor, and affability! Ironically, people did not know much about him, being a freshman Senator and all. Yet, people instantly connected with him like magic and his entire rise to the Presidency seemed like magic; but maybe is more like science.

In the book titled, “Advances in Cognitive Engineering and Neuroergonomics,” Kay Stanney and Kelley S. Hale, stated, “A consistent finding between experiments was that people would subconsciously react to a previous conditioned facial image (presented and paired according to our paradigm) with later, slower and higher peaks in their SCRs compared to their reactions to non-conditioned faces.” America was conditioned years in advance before ever meeting Obama!


The movie Focus: Will Smith explains how subconscious programming works on the masses


This shows mass manipulation and the list of players must be staggering; and it proves we must raise our collective awareness. It also lends credence to the conspiracy theory Obama was planned a long time ago to become President of the United States! If true, it is clearly a satanic plan unfolding right before our very eyes. Movies like the Manchurian Candidate certainly do not seem out of the realm of possibility.



Analyzing this scenario is quite disheartening because it means America does not know Obama. His whole persona was manufactured and his image is a cover. The picture certainly looks like Obama and Obama is boosting Seinfeld’s style. The very act of Obama replicating Seinfeld’s wardrobe acts as a subconscious trigger to associate Obama to Seinfeld. Obama was elected for his likability and all that mumbo jumbo about hope and change. Ironically, Obama hoped you would not see his entire persona was about change, a change into Seinfeld!


Barack Obama, who you might remember is the first Black president, once called himself a “blank screen” onto which other people would “project their own views.” Today, Times fashion writer Cathy Horyn took a turn gazing at Obama and what does she see? The whitest man in America: Jerry Seinfeld. Known more for her Anna Wintour slams than for her astute political analysis, Horyn writes that casual Obama in a baseball cap and track suit is a fashion statement stolen from a clunky Upper West Side Jew. Citing the displeasure of a Barney’s fashion director as hard evidence, she even called Seinfeld to ask if Barack was stealing his slovenly windbreaker and jeans look. Is Horyn crazy, or is a dressed-down Obama a reenactment of Seinfeld’s ’90s fashion missteps?” I don’t know that I can make a proprietary claim to that look,” Seinfeld told her when she called for comment. After a campaign chock full of gorgeous suits, you can’t blame Horyn for having great expectations. Having viewed the post-election Obama wardrobe, we’re forced us to agree — he looks more like a stand-up comedian than a president sometimes.



If you understand mind control techniques and subliminal advertising this will become more plausible. It proves plans are made long in advance before political personalities are introduced to the world stage. There are too many synchronicities with the Seinfeld picture of Obama from 1991 and this lends credence to secret societies working to manipulate minds. Obama’s political maneuvers and legislation are Antichrist, yet he claims he is a practicing Christian. We must be living in the last days of the Bible because truth is certainly being spread and an amazing rate. I have a friend to thank for sharing this picture with me!



In closing, season three (1991) of Seinfeld was used as a psychological operation to condition the subconscious with an image of Obama. This suggest Obama is an operative that was planned long ago before he became a candidate for President of the United States. In the comedy business there are call back jokes and when Obama dresses like Seinfeld it calls back your first subconscious association of Obama to Seinfeld. Face it, Obama appears to be the kind of guy to have a beer with and chat…just like Seinfeld; but we can see this was all pre-programmed long ago.

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