The Lone Star State Hit With Wave of UFO

The Lone Star State Hit With Wave of UFO

Texas is reeling after strange signs in their night sky and unexplainable lights and cloud formations. The most interesting UFO is at the beginning of the video. It almost reminiscent of the living ship in the movie “Dreamcatcher.” I do believe some of the ships we will see in the future will be biological. I think the prophets have seen things we have not seen and cannot quite yet understand.



Not all of these signs in the sky are UFO because some of them are rocket launches or other man made flight technologies; which normally end with some type of flame emitting from the rear. These UFO do not have these signatures. There could even be a correlation with CERN and increased UFO sightings, but we will have to wait on statistical data. What is apparent is some of these sightings appear to be unexplainable.

The question is how do these UFO tie into end time prophecy? We know from Nazi blueprint and even further back with the Vimana blueprints in India man has designed and piloted flying saucers. Some of these UFO look like they are made of light and some seem biological. We cannot rule out these UFO are coming from within the hollow earth.

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Michael Erevna

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