X-Men Apocalypse: Satanic Mutated Genetic Darwinsim

X-Men Apocalypse: Satanic Mutated Genetic Darwinsim

As a comic book aficionado growing up I am always excited to see the comics transition to the Silver Screen, but as a mature follower of the teachings of Yeshua (The Son of the Most High) I am painfully aware of satanic deception. Any suggestion, opinion, or teaching which denies The Kingdom is real and The Most High is the Creator of all things, is teaching a different gospel.

The new X-Men:Apocalypse trailer wasted no time teaching a different gospel. Music and movies are a powerful vehicle for opinion shaping. Your subconscious is open for suggestion because you become entranced with your observation. This latest installment of the Marvel franchise used the first mutant as the basis of all religion. . . Apocalypse. Again, the satanic premise we can be like God with a blend of mutated genetic Darwinism.

This movie is here to subconsciously program the observer God does not exist . . . He never did. Funny, how this movie goes back to ancient Egypt as the origin of Apocalypse when the ancient Egyptians are not as ancient as the Sumerian civilization. Where the people were known as the “Sagigga” which translated to the “Black Head” or “Black Face” people; depending on what translation you go with. Hollywood has been hard at work suppressing the true indigenous people of ancient Egypt. (Is this part of the grand delusion?)



We must be vigilant and observe what falsehoods are being deployed on the uninitiated, because we are in fact in the throes of a spiritual war. False, is the opposite of Truth and this is the spiritual litmus test to evaluate the spirit in all things. We can clearly see based on this test X-Men: Apocalypse has an agenda to spill over into spiritual things and denounce them. I can only imagine if Mohammed would have been referenced in the trailer how many violent riots would have jumped off.

Blatant attacks on the Kingdom of the Most High is now woven into the fabric of popular culture entertainment. Notice how they did not mention Allah or Mohamed in the trailer? Why not? Why not be comprehensive when you compare Apocalypse? This was a blatant stab at devaluing the Word while protecting the religion of the Age of Satanism. Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) describes Apocalypse as a “being” who imbues people with power.

She goes on to propose the question the four horsemen (of the Book of Revelation) were taken from Apocalypse by the authors of the Bible. So much for the Holy Spirit in the Marvel Universe!  It seems the Bible is the most attacked Holy Book out of all of the ancient books. Meanwhile people are misusing Kabbalah Teachings for ill gotten gain. Of course I will see this movie as a former comic book collector, but I ain’t falling for no banana in no tailpipe. All Glory goes to the Most High, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.



I remember a story my brother-in-law (retired federal marshall) shared with me regarding a Santeria incident in an apartment in Bronx, New York. He said the priestess eyes were all black. This was the spirit working inside her and the eyes are the windows to the soul. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) dons his Cerebro helmet and his eyes turn completely black. At the surface level there appear to be occult undertones in this movie related to the demonic Kingdom. It also chips away at Faith and gives you a god you can touch. The Age of Satanism is about freedom and pleasure of all things; with no boundaries. This is a Kingdom that needs a physical body.



In closing, this movie will another blockbuster for the Marvel Universe. Apocalypse is a timeless villain who made the X-Men cartoon series in the 1990s a success. Apocalypse allows religious interjections into the screen play because he is an ancient character with godlike powers. The attack on the veracity of the Bible will most likely progressively mature throughout this movie. The message will be: there is no God but the god who evolves on the earth. See you in line at the movies with my eyes wide open.

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