Are YOU Feeding Demonic Spirits?

Are YOU Feeding Demonic Spirits?

Before we get started let us establish the fact we are in a spiritual war. This is a war of not flesh and blood, but one of Spirit and Energy. Our enemy has been identified as “dark forces” who are behind what we define as evil. The objective of these “dark forces” is to destroy mankind while feeding off negative human emotional energy. Their goal is to keep mankind in a fear state so the “dark forces” can eat and stay strong. The Bible is clear on whom to fear and that is the Creator and the Creator alone!




The Most High makes it clear He can not only kill the body, but the soul too. These dark forces cannot kill the soul unless the soul is offered up. So if the Most High is with you then what is there to worry about? Well, apparently if you frequently listen to the alternative media you are told weekly: how you will go broke, who is coming to invade America, President Obama is never leaving office, China is going to invade America, or giants are going to eat your babies, etc.



This is called an active fear campaign and wittingly or unwittingly the fear campaigns are the fast food of the demonic realm. This is why every ghost or horror film depicts other worldly beings as frightening because there is no meal off of love. The first thing the fallen angels did was cause division of mankind. They taught man the art of war which is bred from fear and hate. The table has been set for the fallen angels and demonic hierarchy to have a sustainable food supply fueled by fear. So if you are following people who keep you in a state of fear you need to break this chain.


The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe. Proverbs 29:25 ESV 



So, what happens when you keep yourself in a state of fear? Well, your body is a self contained energy unit. Our brainwaves can be measured as can our emotions by pheromones. Soon your existence is transformed into a fear transmitter. This is evident using Kirlian photography where auras can be photographed. It is said when you are in a negative state of mind your aura appears brown. Spiritual entities consume this negative energy and grow. The Most High gave us a spirit of Love and not fear. We are programmed with Love from Spirit and then we are trained to fear by other humans. I have seen some websites with automatic feeds of nothing but fear based news!



People who visit these site become addicted to the fear and check back daily because they fear not knowing. Is it not ironic the Most High has described fear as a snare? So, basically anyone promoting fear is actually setting a trap for you! This is a trap that binds your spiritual growth, security, and most of the time…your wallet. The Government sows seeds of fear to push through emergency legislation which in turn feeds the demonic spirits. I am not sure if you ever saw the 9/11 video about “demonic faces” formed in the billowy clouds of smoke. Here you could see various creepy faces and beings.



It is quid pro quo for the alternative media to constantly promote fear based news normally with a solution for sale at the end of the tale. They create a smorgasbord of fear that not only their audience gobbles up, but a fast food frenzy for the dark forces. Anyone peddling fear is not your friend and definitely not in conformance with the tenets of the Holy Spirit. Fear is also the result of being spiritually inept and not acquiring the knowledge to command angels or other invisible forces.


having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people. 2 Timothy 3:5


In essence by constantly serving up fear these false teachers have in fact denied the power The Most High promises. You should separate yourself from anyone constantly promoting fear because they have set a trap for you. Not only will you end up trapped, but you have turned yourself into a caterer for dark forces. You are basically a walking “Taco Tuesdays” for demonic entities. These individuals selling fear must be influenced and rewarded by dark forces for consistently peddling fear. Star Wars is a great example of a powerful Jedi living in fear. Anakin Skywalker lived in fear of losing his wife so long it turned him away from what was good.

I once was friends with a good hearted very intelligent young man. He let the fear of not being able to take care of his family compromise his spiritual values for monetary gain. In essence fear made him sell his soul for 30 pieces of silver. Nothing good can come from fear and we are instructed to separate ourselves from purveyors of fear. A stand out moment in the movie Apocolypto was when the father of the tribe had no fear.He allowed his throat to be slit without fear. He died in peace as his son watched filled with fear.



It is funny how demons possess people and the very first thing they do is cause fear. When have you seen demonic spirits possess a bunch of people and start a break dancing crew? That would cause jubilation and applause so they normally eat a bowl of spiders then run up a wall. Love is the foundation of the Kingdom of the Most High while fear must be the foundation of dark forces. This is another way to fight back in spirit. One of the first things you do in a war is cut off communications and then destroy the enemies food supplies.

By divorcing ourselves from purveyors of fear we reduce the food supply for dark forces. Since the Most High is with us who should we fear? Well, no one, no one at all. Even IF our bodies are about to be killed…have no fear. Most people seem so concerned about protecting their physical life they forget the most import life is your spiritual life. Just because you cannot see demons does not mean they are not near you with a Krazy straw plugged in your back. Your focus becomes your reality and also a meal ticket if you are a student of fear.



The Bible makes it clear fear = snare and we should avoid fear at all cost. There is no excuse for fear because we know now who it serves. If Christ would have let fear overtake Him He never would have made it to the cross. His mission would have failed if He let fear overtake Him. Even facing death He removed fear from His heart and let Love rule. We have an amazing example of fearlessness through Christ. If I was to be killed today I know I have a real shot at the new body deal…and I really need it. I know fear will hinder me and I must reject it at all cost. Anyone attempting to justify fear is doing nothing more, but justifying your trap.

I believe in the 21 day rule and I implore anyone who is a student of fear or following false teachers who regularly focus on fear, to separate yourself from them. Avoid any type of fear propaganda for 21 days and watch how your life changes. You will no longer be a slave to fear or your fear slave masters. Furthermore, you will no longer be a Twinkie for dark forces. We all actually have the power to weaken the dark forces this way!



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