Human Robot in the Senate?

Human Robot in the Senate?

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) made headlines this week for his speech transmitted on CSPAN for slamming the wealthiest class in America. He defined them as manipulating taxes and wealth in this country. Well, duh!  That is what you do when you make huge sums of money.  You use your power to protect your money.  Are they the Illuminati? Well, no!  This is whole other story. These are just rich azz people trying to keep most of their loot! 

This sounded more like the Occupy Wall Street movement synthesized into a concisely presented manifesto against the wealthiest families in America.  Furthermore,  the Government surely appears to be acquiescing to the financial manipulations of this 1% power elite after hearing the assessment.    Senator Sanders does a wonderful job detailing the disproportionate tax responsibilities clearly evaded by the wealthiest people in America.

After reviewing the video, Senator Sanders was not the story to focus your mind. Directly behind Senator Sanders is a man who behaves much like a robot.  He does not blink for 15 minutes!  He shows absolutely no emotion and his movements are mechanical at best! Is he a really talented mime? Or a robot? Or is this a photo shop hoax?   You be the judge!

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