Olmec Helmets, Microwaves, and Head Games

Olmec Helmets, Microwaves, and Head Games

The ancient civilizations of Sumer and Egypt, left a trail of bread crumbs for researchers to “re-discover” what was once generally understood by the ancient masses. The grandeur of the Pyramid of Giza is an architectural feat unsurpassed by modern day construction machinery.  As the line between classified scientific achievement and the freedom of information act blurs we are learning fascinating parallels with the ancient past.

Should we be concerned with mind-controlling technology? I ask you —  have we already been under the influence of mind control since the progressive evolution of microwave technology? Are “cell-phone” towers only purpose to transmit electronic information to electronic devices? Finally, are chem-trails routinely spraying barium laden content into the sky to absorb the increasing radiation in the atmosphere?


In 1973, the above theory was successfully developed to a microwave voice device by Dr. Joseph Sharp and he heard the microwave voices in the head. This microwave voice device was demonstrated in 1973 by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Dr.Sharp, serving as a test subject himself, heard and understood spoken words delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed-microwave audio-gram (an analogy of the word’s sound vibrations) beamed into his brain.


If you think microwaves are just for heating up your food or making cell phone calls — let’s take a look at other startling applications.  In 1973 the microwave technology was prototyped to beam audio into a subjects head — by passing the ears and a voice was heard in the head. Makes you want to give a reprieve to those homeless people you see walking the streets of New York City having a furious argument with . . .  themselves! Read the following excerpt:


The Amazing Patented Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) “Silent” Subliminal® Affirmations process created by aerospace engineer O.M. Lowery (US Patent #5,159.703) is one of the most exciting advances in personal improvement in years! Just imagine powerful subliminal messages recorded at high frequencies that are not masked by music or any other sound but are essentially inaudible to your conscious mind! Play them anywhere, anytime while driving, eating, watching TV, even while you sleep.

Lowery’s concept is validated by researchers at the Medical College of Virginia who reported in the July 5, 1991 issue of SCIENCE – the Journal of the Association for the Advancement of Science – that “both hearing and deaf people are able to understand words transmitted at high-frequency levels once thought to be outside the range of humans.” If the profoundly deaf can hear, using high frequency vibrations, the implications of this new technology for normal listeners is equally astounding.



We as a people must reexamine Jim Jones, David Koresh, and religious cults with disastrous outcomes. These leaders claim to have been chosen while insisting they heard the voice of God (in their minds) and things went bad. Now we must ask who is in control of this technology and what are the mass applications? To beam  sounds into one persons mind can be replicated to beam sound, impulses, and thoughts into many peoples.


Ecclesiastes 1:9

New International Version (NIV)

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

It is safe to say with all of the gains with micro-chip technology, software, hardware, mathematics — mass mind blasting is possible but most likely in play — now. I submit to you this ancient technology has been passed down visa-vie secret societies of the elite. This technology is too valuable to fall into the hands of the common folk. Imagine manipulating the battle field with this technology where instead of fighting —  a battalion was compelled to run!


Microwaves are basically extremely high frequency radio waves, and are made by various types of transmitter.


The only option against this microwave technology is defense and let’s take a look at the ancient suspects for this. Enter the Olmec civilization and why they are the candidates for microwave mind manipulation defense. I do not want to split hairs about the origin of the Olmecs. Although they are generally accepted as the parent civilization of all other civilizations in ancient Mexico — including the Mayans, there is also evidence they migrated from Egypt. It is short-sighted of scholars to give all of the credit to the Mayans for Olmec achievements.


Magneto’s helmet shielded his brain from mind control


Let me stop because I was just hair splitting and I would like to focus on the head-gear of the famous Olmec giant stone heads. Most assume these helmets worn by the Olmec were cultural wardrobe for effect  but I submit to you they were to counter an effect. The ancients were into utility and although the helmets were not outwardly technologically savvy they were nonetheless effective.


Fast forward to 3:29 to see the microwave/radio technology


If mind-control is nothing new and we admittedly have harnessed the power of it in our modern age then it existed in the ancient time. The Olmec were a prime example of avoiding “head-games” from the ancient art of war and manipulation, if this association is valid. It is plausible the Olmec helmet was protecting their minds from outside control. Much like popular cultures Magneto from the X-Men sagas. He equipped himself with a helmet to keep the worlds most powerful telepathic (Charles Xavier) out of his mind. Is this a case of art mimicking ancient reality?

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